The Scott County Chapter of Let’s Go Fishing is seeking volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. We have a variety of opportunities where you will be able to help contribute to the mission of Let’s Go Fishing. The success of our organization is a direct result of our many talented and caring volunteers. With your help, we can bring smiles to thousands of faces each year.

Why Get Involved?

Let’s Go Fishing is a non-profit organization (incorporated in Minnesota as a 501c3) whose principal objective is to provide community seniors 55 and older with fishing and boating excursions at no cost. The mission of Let’s Go Fishing is to give back to community seniors, some small token of appreciation for all they have done to build the community we so often take for granted. We want to provide seniors with an opportunity to spend quality time on Scott County lakes, with friends, families, and acquaintances that will create memories for the seniors and for all the volunteers.

How Can I Get Involved?

Boat Excursions 

If you have the desire or love to be on the water consider signing up to be either a Captain or a First Mate. We are always looking for extra hands on deck. There is a need for a minimum of 2 adult volunteers on each pontoon – one to captain the watercraft, the other to assist.  You only need to be over 18 and be able to assist seniors on the pontoon.

We provide both organizational and on-the-water training for our volunteers.  All you need to do is sign up.  We encourage husband-wife, father-son, mother-daughter, etc. teams to volunteer as well as individuals.

Support Services 

If you have the heart and desire to help the seniors and would rather not be on the water we have a lots of opportunities to help. Consider signing to help with Public Relations, Marketing, Special Events Assistance, Fundraising, Grant Writing, or Serve on a Committee. We are confident we can find you a place on our team.

Upcoming Training For Volunteers

Training Dates for Volunteers:

Social Refresher: TBD

New Volunteer Training: TBD

Space is limited to 10, sign up is required. Click Here to sign up.

Trainings take place at Cedar Lake Farm Park, 25875 Juniper Ave New Prague

What Our Volunteers Like About LGF

Police Officer - Private Investigator

Helping others enjoy the lake and fishing. I enjoy seeing people and giving them a smile, while doing something rewarding.

Volunteering since 2015

Park Facility Supervisor

Volunteering since 2015

Retired Business Owner

The appreciation people would show for taking them out on a boat ride or go fishing.

Volunteering since 2015

Warehouse Manager

Providing a memorable moment for people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Making smiles that do for miles. Visiting and learning with fantastic people.

Volunteering since 2015

Operations Manager/ President of LGF

Connecting people back to nature and the water. Creating lasting memories through laughter, sharing stories, and childhood memories. We are building a community that works together!

Volunteering since 2015

It’s just a great opportunity to volunteer to get out and help people spend time on the lake. It’s a super nice feeling to have after every successful outing.

Volunteering since 2015

MNSU Nursing Student

Lets Go Fishing means community engagement and connection with people over positive experiences. Making lasting memories and sharing good times.

Volunteering since 2015

Business Development Analyst/ Vice President of LGF

LGF is a way I can give back to my community, which aligns with areas that are important to me. I love that water and the peace that you feel by being on, or just looking at the water. Fishing brings back many wonderful childhood memories of spending time with my dad. I hope to bring some of this peace and joy to other in our community through LGF excursions.

Volunteering since 2015

Park Service Officer

Volunteering since 2015

Volunteering since 2015

MNSU Engineering Graduate Assistantship Student/ Board Member

A great opportunity to connect and give back to members of out community who we would not be introduced to otherwise. And it’s a great excuse to get out on the lake!

Volunteering since 2015


A chance to enjoy laughter, good stories, and maybe even catch a fish.

Volunteering since 2015

Ware House Manager

Volunteering since 2015

Remote Sensing Specialist/Great Lakes Geospatial Coordinator

Volunteering since 2015

Business Owner - Marek Towing/ Book Keeper/ Special Event Catering

Volunteering since 2015

Retired Data + Voice Network

It’s the smiles + joy on beautiful face. They give more than they know.

Volunteered 2015

Retired Cabinet Maker

Volunteering since 2015

Retired Police Chief - New Prague

It is an enjoyable time to bring joy to people who would not be able to go fishing or boating without this program.

Retired Fitness Center Director

Giving back to the community and seeing all the happy faces at the end of the trip!!

Volunteering since 2015

Retired EMT

It’s a chance to go on the lake and have fun helping people.

New Prague Physical Education Teacher

Volunteering since 2015

Mission Integration Manager- St. Francis/ Board Member

Lets Go Fishing means community, service and fun! Seeing the amazing impact of being on the water and the way it touches people.

Volunteering since 2015


Opportunity to give back to folks who don’t normally get to enjoy my great love of being on the water.

Volunteering since 2015

Park Operations Supervisor

Volunteering since 2015

Volunteering since 2015